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Everyone who is trying to make money line knows that you need a consistent volume of traffic to your site to get any decent traction. SEO experts often pitch ideas on how to get more traffic for both business owners and bloggers. There are also thousands of pages online which will tell you how you should use SEO strategies to your advantage 

These strategies include tips and tricks for making outreach, reaching a distinct audience, getting higher rankings on Google, and much more. But why should we take all this effort to bring a few more visitors? Traffic is an essential part of modern business. With increased website traffic, we reach more customers. Customers are the life-blood for achieving higher cash flow.


No matter what else we do in the internet marketing field, nothing is as important as finding a way to drive traffic to our sites.


How Other People Make Money Online

Many people make their money by just selling ads, writing sponsored posts, working with outsourcing agencies, or providing affiliate links for someone's online store. 


People even create subscription models when they find dedicated followers who are willing to pay for content and employ some different strategies. However, these strategies will fail if you do not have an audience, and I must point out that this model is complicated to keep going. Do you want to wake up every day and have to write four articles? If there isn't a consistent number of new people visiting your site, none of these tips will work.


Several human behavior studies show that the average attention span is about 8 seconds. And that number could have changed downward since this article was written.  


Why Do I Need Traffic to Grow?

You can create the most meaningful content in the world, but if no one ever sees it, then you get no benefit from that volume of traffic. 


A famous saying from the early 2000s was, “What are the three most important things a website needs to be successful? Traffic, traffic, and traffic.”

Your content must be clean and fresh and must be appealing to your niche market. Your visitors don't have to agree with everything you say. They only need to be interested enough to scan your page and to click on any of your affiliate links.


Ways You Can Assess Your Traffic

All of your marketing efforts are backed up by the desire to increase your sales and generate more revenue. To be successful, your site needs the traffic to convert into either sales or leads. There are many ways you can assess your traffic and understand why users visit your site and why they leave.


The Time Spent on Your Site

If you want to understand whether your users are interested in your business, look at the time they spend on your site. If your site brings in vast amounts of visitors, and they leave within seconds, then all your efforts will be worthless. This measurement is called the “Bounce Rate.” 


You need to look at how the user interacted with your site, why they stayed, and what you can improve in the future to ensure their return. There is a wide range of WordPress plugins out there that can help with this analytical process. We will discuss them in another post.


The bounce rate of any site is a percentage of visitors who leave after only looking at a single page. You want your bounce rate to be as low as possible for higher profits. The lower the bounce rate, the higher the profits.


The factors that affect the bounce rate are wide-ranging and include many technical issues that might be beyond the control of many bloggers.  


If your website or article has a high bounce rate, then the first thing you should do is have someone with experience assess the site and all of the technical aspects that affect the site and its performance.



The only way your business succeeds is if you get sufficient conversions to pay the bills. This won't happen if the audience is not the properly targeted audience for your products or services. Even if you have a broad audience, but their interests are not relevant to your business, there will not be an increase in conversion rates! 

The issue with most websites is not that they fail to address the needs and interests of the core demographic. We will discuss this topic too in future posts. It is far too long and complicated to cover here.



The simple truth is that people are quick to judge. You get only one chance to impress them. If your site is poorly written and has confusing navigational elements, then you are quickly seen as a low-standard site. You won't get referrals or any viral momentum.


Your site designed is critical to your success. You should never shortcut the process of creating the website. Also, you will need to know which tools to use to help you create content. No single person is an expert at all of the things necessary to get this job done, so you need to which tools to purchase and use.

You will also need to know which collateral assets to use and deploy for building link-juice for your site. It can be a very complicated web of resources that you need to own and control to produce a professional product.


Optimize Your Content (On-Page SEO)

Making your content SEO-friendly is a good practice because it makes the most out of your content to give you better results. By adding internal links, meta descriptions, and image alt text, your on-page SEO can boost organic traffic in no time at all. 


If your article has 1,000 to 2,500 words, it will experience high user engagement because the more words there are, the more time visitors will spend on your site. You can expand your text by adding quality information and valuable content that more people will want to engage with the content.


A Word About Article Spinners

I have been marketing online since 1992. In the time since the early 90s, eager entrepreneurs have been trying consistently to create a dependable article spinning service. I have personally tried four of them at considerable expense. 


NOT A SINGE ONE WAS WORTH ANYTHING! In every case, your article begins to read like it was authored by some guy living in a cave in northern China! No disrespect to the Chinese, but they are not experts in English. The English language is complex. A wrongly worded sentence easily noticed by native American readers. My advice is never to try an article spinner. Your site will look like trash very quickly.


Use Paid Promotions

Driving traffic to your site can be done effectively in many ways. You can use SEO tricks and social media to market and enhance your site for free. Or you could take a different route and use paid promotions. Paid ads will be able to drive traffic to your website very fast and help in conversion rates and get more people to click on your link. 


Paid traffic can also be confusing and complicated. You can run Bing and Google ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, or buy Solo Ads. Every one of these methods requires that you know your target audience demographics very well!

You can also use the newest and fastest-growing method on the planet. That is – YouTube Ads! This topic is once again too broad to cover here and will be the subject of a new post or series of posts.


Employ a Simple and Uncluttered Layout

High bounce rates will happen if your users are confused with the pages on your site. A messy site decreases user engagement, causing fewer people to visit your website. Google will also penalize the site for not containing good content. Google likes providing good client experiences.  


You should also avoid the common mistake that so many marketers make. That is to clutter your site with popup ads, popover ads, and annoying Google Adsense ads. The money you make from Google Adsense is not worth the effort unless you have 20K or more visitors per day to the site. You are much better off to use affiliate links to products you know about and have tried or used. You'll make a much hight commission as well.


Social Media is a Great Tool

Having one social media for your business is not enough in today's digital world. Your brand needs to have an active presence on a range of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and others. You need to post content daily to get more followers. The more people start to know who you are, the more profits your company will make.


Some people disable comments on their posts because comments on a blog post is a bit of an oxymoron. Comments are better off being on the Facebook compliment to your site. Comments can take up vast amounts of your valuable time. One person cannot be expected to hold a conversation with 2,000 users!



For every website, site traffic is the final say in how much money they will make at the end of the year. The best advice I can give you is to find a topic that is of keen interest to you, then establish a website to showcase your interest. And in the process of doing this, make sure that you acquire and use the best tools on the market for getting the job done. We will discuss those tools as well in future articles.

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