The End of an Era

The State of Internet Marketing in Late 2020

Looking at the state of Internet marketing lately, I have some observations and comments. Each generation of people has its driving paradigms, vocabulary, and belief systems. With the baby boomers, it was called “Confirmation Bias.” A boomer would only buy into or believe things that fit within their belief system. This condition means that there would be a wide range of “beliefs” that one could address with blogs or social media.

Beginning with Millennials, however, there is a switch to what I call “Consensus Reality.” The only things that are real to millennials are those things that the herd believes are real. Whether they genuinely are real or not. Sheep are an example of Consensus Reality. The middle of the pack fails to understand why they are all running in a given direction. They only know that all of the others are doing this. So with the power of social media, supported by an agenda drive mainstream media, millennials are the new herd.

As such, they are NOT going to visit blogs and leave comments or participate in any meaningful way. No one wants to be the first to leave a comment. It would require independent thought and opinion, and generally, this runs counter to the millennial paradigm.

What they will do is jump on board with a social media post where aggregate numbers of opinions get launched almost simultaneously. It's like the snowball effect. The herd will “virtue signal” all day long. This situation is why this week, Netflix lost $9 billion in revenue.

The “herd” jumped on board the notion that the recent release of the movie “Cuties” was child exploitation. While less than .01% of those who dumped on Netflix saw the movie or knows anything about it, the herd reaction was devastating to the company.

The same conditions apply to Internet Marketing today. Blogs are no longer viable. Today's trick is to understand how the herd works and then find a way to get ahead of them to act like you brought them all together. It would be best if you found a way to capitalize on herd mentality. For this, you are going to need to be lean and fast. This prerequisite means that small and fast landing pages connected to autoresponders will be the way. Your market campaigns will be short and tight. Two weeks in and out. Then move on to the next big thing.

For these reasons, this blog will cease to exist in a few short weeks.

Secondarily, Google appears to suffer the illusion that it can control the narrative online. It can't. If the email associated with any blog is viewed by Google as having supported any political agenda that Google doesn't like, then your blog will be buried by the algorithm so deep that no one will ever find you. The only way to defeat Google is to first, not play their game. Consider Google irrelevant. Don't use their products. Secondly, don't use blogs. Use social media and a very intelligent strategy to stay ahead of the herd.

Cheers, all!

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About the Author: Nick Walsh

Nick has been a computer/business analyst for 35 years. Moving into online marketing was a natural progression back in 1994, he has never looked back. What great time to be alive! When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!