The Downside of Using Facebook For Business

The Downside of Using Facebook For Business

If you are trying to grow your business, or even trying to start a business online today, then you will be very aware of the chatter surrounding the use of Facebook, Instagram, and others for business purposes.

Before you go too far down that road, there are some things you need to know.  For anyone who has read Mark Dice's book The True Story of Fake News, you will be abundantly aware of the pitfalls of using Facebook as a business platform.  Facebook is interested in nothing more than gathering all of the information about you that it can get, then offer to sell that information to large businesses who will be able to mine the database for people they think will buy their products.

Facebook LitigationYou should also know that Facebook will ban or suspend your account if you violate any of the policies in their “community standards” guide

When they ban you, they won't actually tell you what you did wrong. They will simply ban your account and that is the end of it. Oh sure, you can appeal the suspension through a link they provide, but that will take you an hour to fill out, and they will reply in ten minutes to tell you that they have thoroughly reviewed the case and you are still banned!

Think about this for a while! Facebook operates in a completely anti-American and unsupportive style that disrespects our system of justice. When a police officer pulls you over for speeding, he/she will tell you that they pulled you over because you were driving too fast! Facebook pulls you over and then orders you out of the car, takes the keys, and tells you that you can appeal by going to city hall! Facebook doesn't care about you. You are nothing to Facebook. 

There is no such thing as customer service at Facebook.  We don't even know if people reviewing your appeals are living in the country. As an example, I've been trying to deal with an ad account termination that I got last year.  I advertised a product that helps people to get in shape. Boom! Suspended.  By saying your product will get people to be more in shape, you are telling them that they are fat and ugly! This is how Facebook thinks! I appealed a dozen times or more.  I even wrote to the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, who completely ignored me.

Today I attended a webinar run by a very intelligent fellow who is promoting an automated Chat service that interfaces with Facebook Messenger. While the concept is sound, the premise is weak.  Most people trying to sell anything online today are simply NOT going to be able to navigate the mirage of Facebook rules and policies.  Since Facebook openly hates Conservatives and loves Liberals, if they determine that you are in one of those categories, then you will either be screened out or screened in. In this set of circumstances, there is not a chance I would ever recommend using Facebook for business or even for social communication.  I would much prefer that the current US Administration goes after Facebook for AntiTrust violations!

If you want to do business, save yourself a bundle of money and stay away from any Facebook applications.  Instead, build your skills at advertising on either Google or Bing.  You can set budgets to spend as little as $5 per day and if you know what you are doing, you can be just as effective as you might be when using Facebook.

If you want to “game” Facebook, you can use a tactic called “bracketing”.  With bracketing,  you post several posts and you don't boost or advertise any of them.  You make the graphics linkable directly to your landing page on your own blog site.  That said, Facebook will NOT help you get any of these posts seen.  You'll have to rely on friend sharing and upon your social media linking to other sites. This will involve using Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, YouTube, and many others.