State of the Internet December 2018

It's getting late in the year.  Have you noticed how many “gurus” are emailing you almost every day now? What shocks me is the huge volume of “fire sale” programs and apps.  It's that time of the year when everyone is trying to figure out where this business is going!

I've been marketing online since 1995 and boy have things changed a lot! Gone are the good old days when you could just slap up a product and start making sales.  Today you have to consider SEO ramifications, the FTC rules and regulations, your site speed, whether or not you are using SSL and so much more.

Looking forward to 2019, each of us is going to have to be a lot more diligent about the products and services we purchase. The biggest roadblock to online success is when we constantly chase those shiny objects. You can chase them for ten years and never get any further ahead.  It is critical that you get a jump on the market and start using the products and services that are on the leading edge.

As the competition for online income increases, you are going to need to be that much better.  And that means that you are going to need to focus and learn to filter out the products that just waste your time.  One way to do this is by outsourcing your research.  Let Promedia Biz do the grunt work for you. We constantly test and monitor the state of the internet. We buy apps to see if and how they work.  We review them and keep on testing other apps.  We give brutally honest reviews, so this is why you will find some really nasty reviews on this site.  Like you, we don't like wasting our time either! If the product sucks, we'll let you know!

About the Author: Nick Walsh

Nick has been a computer/business analyst for 35 years. Moving into online marketing was a natural progression back in 1994, he has never looked back. What great time to be alive! When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!