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Introduction To The Rocktomic System

A few months ago my business partner and I reviewed a program called “Rocktomic”. Rocktomic claimed to be supplement fulfillers who had access to a myriad of popular formulas, along with professional in-house resources that would allow customers to choose the supplement they were interested in marketing, then have their in-house graphics people design FDA-compliant labels so that could be used to market the product to potential customers online.

Rocktomic would source the supplement, label the bottle with your brand, and fulfill the order directly to your customers, and fully back the product’s quality and delivery. The idea was that you could access the product at a wholesale cost of between $7 and $10 and then retail it online for whatever price you set for the final retail. This would often be about $38. You could enter the supplement sales business without ever having to touch the product. There would be no need for bulk wholesale purchases or carrying inventories. What could possibly go wrong?

The cost of joining the Rocktomic program was $997. For that one time fee, you got to take advantage of all these services, which included access to their exclusive Facebook group where experts would be available to help and to advise you all the way through the process. It seemed like a great way to get started in the supplement business without having to incur the costs of doing everything yourself! On the surface, this was a good idea, so my business partner and I decided to give it a try.

In reality, here’s how it played out. Rocktomic promised twice-weekly online webinars to discuss techniques and procedures for success. They promised rapid access to having their brand placed on labels – graphics design. They promised access to “influencers” inside the Facebook group that could guide us through uncharted territory.  Delivery of these all sucked!

Within two weeks the webinars turned to just once a week, and none of them were well organized, and rarely ever planned or communicated in advance of the event. Anxious clients were left to message each other asking about the webinar.  Is it on or off?  The webinar presenter sat at his home computer and talked about techniques and marketing, while his screaming kids played in the background somewhere off-camera. This was distracting and annoying, but OK… lets see how it plays out.

I participated on the Facebook group a fair bit and made several friends through the group. However, I found that those running the group really had less marketing experience than I had, and they also had limited technical ability.

One of the other members, who became good friends with me, often emailed me about what she was doing and about what issues she was having with Rocktomic. I tried to help her and her husband as much as I could – pointing them to successful resources that I had used in the past. The bulk of my successes had come from the last four or five years of marketing supplements on Amazon.

One day, my friend and her husband wrote to me to let me know that they were really disappointed with the Rocktomic labeling procedure. They had worked hard to develop a great looking label, but the bottle of supplements that Rocktomic sent to this couple looked like it had been printed on some kid’s home inkjet printer! The label was blotched and smudged. It was really not professionally printed. Honestly, it looked terrible.

After seeing that label, I went to the Facebook group to see what was going on for the day and found that I couldn’t access the group. When I messaged the FB Group admin to see what was wrong with my login, he informed me that one of the “influencers” in the group had kicked me off the group because I had questioned something that this fellow was recommending to other members. There was no discussion and no notice. Just “poof” your gone.

The Game

To cover their asses, and avoid having to refund me the $997 entrance fee, the group admin told me I was welcome to use there system and to get the labels done and that they would fulfill my products without issue.

The problem with this is that I could no longer trust them to be and to act professionally. There is no way I’m going to risk my brand to a poorly printed label and unknown fulfillment process. If the company is this bad on the small things, how bad would they be when things really got moving?

Rocktomic failed to deliver on their webinar promises. They failed to deliver on the graphics design promises, and they failed to support me through the Facebook group. I could probably sue them and win, but in the long run, I have more important things to do.

The best bang for my buck is to simply let others know about the potential scam that this company appears to be. While their promises are tempting, I don’t believe that they are professionals and I don’t believe that they would deliver as promised. Rocktomic failed right out of the gate for me.

I later discovered another organization that is professional and offers all of the services that Rocktomic said they would offer… and they do it without a thousand dollar upfront fee! Moreover, that company has been around for about 10 years. I only wish I had known about this company before I engaged with Rocktomic.


My recommendation: Stay far away from Rocktomic as you can, unless you just want to burn off a thousand dollars.

May 28, 2020 – Notice
I have been getting so many people writing to me to ask what other formulators I used instead of Rocktomic, that I decided to post the companies here on the site. These are not affiliate links, just direct links for your benefit. I wish all of you the best of luck and success with these companies.

Nutragroup USA

Vita Labs

Equinox Nutraceuticals

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