Pagez Review

I've been using a program called FPT for a few years. FPT allows you to schedule all of your Facebook posts in advance. You can literally set it up to post twice a day for the next month! Well, just yesterday, the developer of FPT announced a new application that he'd been working on. It is called PAGEZ!

Pagez is nothing short of amazing.  If you are trying to do Google Adsense, then you will realize just how difficult this can be.  The revenue drips in one penny at a time!  So I had no expectations when I opted into using Pagez.  I was really only planning to use it to drive backlinks to my money sites and to my blog. But what I found shocked me!

Within a few hours, literally, I had already made $4 in AdSense revenue.  This is tiny, I realize, but what I do know about Adsense, this was a major breakthrough.  For the first time in my online career (spanning 20 years) I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I could see the day when I would be making a consistent $40 per day or more on Adsense!  That's $1240 per month with Adsense! In time, I could see scaling that to $100 per day or more.  And the best part is that once we got to that level, you know the articles would be spread across a broad array of niche and viral content.

Pagez is the first app in a decade to actually come along and shock me with its power!  My recommendation is to grab this app before they find out how valuable it is and then jack the price on it.




Pagez is probably the best app I've tested in a decade. Not only does this app start making me money within the first half hour, but also it provides my sites with valuable backlinks. I have never found an app as useful as PAGEZ is.