Making Money Online All Starts With A Quality Website

At ProMedia Biz we've talking about how to make money online for several years. If you are someone who wants to make money online and have not yet started, what you are probably noticing the great difficult there is in getting started! Making money online all starts with a quality website!

We have long discussed the roadblocks that people face when getting started.  When you read this list, you'll probably agree that these are many of the things that have stopped you so far!

  • check
    Choosing the right domain
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    Choosing the right WordPress Theme
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    Choosing the right business model to promote products and make money!
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    Choosing the right PLUGINS!

In other posts we talk about the first three bullets above.  Make no mistake, these are very important aspects of learning to make money, but they are not what will ultimately freeze you out of the game.  What stops almost everyone is point #4 - Choosing the right plugins.

It took me many years to find this out, but once you decide on the first three points above, you still have to create  your site.  And once you do put in the time to create that masterpiece site, you often find that within days,  you don't like the design because you've found something better.  So you run off and spend $60 on a new theme, only to discover that within a month, you really don't like this new theme much!  You have seen other sites that look so cool.  How can YOU get the flexibility to create such a good looking site? 

It's just this simple. This content box element, for example, was created in about five seconds using my absolute most favorite Visual Content Creation plugin, the Thrive Architect, from Thrive Themes.  

What really nails it for me is that the Thrive Architect plugin not only allows me to pretty much copy anyone else's page style, but also it provides me an entire portfolio of LANDING PAGE TEMPLATES, and content funnels that you only need to modify with your text and affiliate URLs.  Let that sink in for a minute!

If you are held back from starting because you can't afford the $500 per year cost of a Landing page creation application, or the $2,000 per year cost of Clickfunnels, then you need to see this system! With a range of Thrive tools, you can create your own top quality landing pages in minutes, connect them to your autoresponder, and manage your funnels!  

Enough of my talking! Check out this blog article, Simple Framework For Better Blog Design, over at Thrive's Blog and you will see just how professional and simple this system is. 

In the next article, I'm going to discuss Thrive's List building tools.  Check back with us soon!