How Changed The Way I Look At My Business

How Changed The Way I Look At My Business If I'm honest, I'd readily admit that I'm a little bit of a lazy online entrepreneur. Sure, I love to watch as... Read more »
One Funnel Away

One Funnel Away Challenge

For several years now Clickfunnels has been the stand alone leader of funnel marketing. If you are selling anything online, you need to see this. Read more »

WP Squeezer 2.0 Review

It probably more important that you get this plugin NOW before the crowds swarm the studio! All marketing starts here. Nothing moves. Nothing sells. No conversions happen until you learn to handle... Read more »
Snake Oil

The Problem With Membership Sites and Programs

The Problem With Membership Sites and Programs In this part of my analysis of the “State of the Internet”, I'm going to look at the issue of MEMBERSHIP SITES.  You may have noticed... Read more »
What's Killing the Internet

What’s Killing the Internet Market Business?

In another article, I talked about the state of the internet. The most effective marketing method by far today is the marketing funnel. That said, the greasy, slimy marketers and gurus who... Read more »

State of the Internet December 2018

It's getting late in the year.  Have you noticed how many “gurus” are emailing you almost every day now? What shocks me is the huge volume of “fire sale” programs and apps. ... Read more »