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KIBO Code Review - It's Worse Than You Can Imagine

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I'm writing this review as the creators of this product waste my time with their webinar.  You know, it's 2020 now, not 1999.  Time is your most valuable asset.  People who arrogantly think they can waste your time should be immediately dismissed.

I'm giving the product a very negative review based upon a number of factors.  Primarily, Steve Clayton is a known time waster.  I've watched him since about 2003.  Back then he would drone on and on about nothing… and at the end of it, he'd ask for $3,000.  Sadly, I think a few people fell for it.

Today, it's a different market. People as not as stupid as Clayton thinks they are.  He released the preliminary material on this offer a day or two prior to today's webinar.  It consisted of a 47-page ebook about the KIBO Code, which he encouraged us all to read.  I read the book last night.

Today, I logged into the KIBO Code webinar at noon.  To my surprises, Clayton has learned NOTHING since 2003.  He proceeded to read the 47 page ebook to the audience through the webinar!  

As I type this review, they is 65 minutes into the webinar and has still told me nothing new.  They is on final approach to the Sticker shock portion of the webinar, using images like the one on the left.

You absolutely know that what is coming shortly is the amazing, outstanding price that will drive all you newbies into bankruptcy.  And, oh ya… he still hasn't shown anything about the detail of the product's functionality or operation. It's all hype.

We are now 75 minutes into the presentation where nothing was shown, demonstrated or revealed.  And here is the bottom line of almost $3500.

If you are a marketer, seriously, you know the problems we face.  I constantly tutor people in my own region of the country and I can say that pretty much all of them are concerned about spending. 

Dishing out $3500 for a product like would be a shame. If your read this and still buy, I'd like to hear from you in about 6 months.  

A Better Way To Spend Your Money!

There are always better alternatives than the one presented in this webinar today.  One such opportunity is a product called “Bing Bang Profits.”  It was created by Darius Papadopulous (DPapa).  The up-front cost is minimal and the educational material inside the course is priceless!  

Today you all know that it comes down to traffic!  Traffic is everything.  Google is near impossible to deal with, leaving just a few good reliable sources. One of them is Bing Ads.  This tiny investment in  your knowledge and understanding about how to make the Ad system work for you will pay off hansomely!

In reality, is anyone going to be honest with you?  Just go to Google and search for “KIBO Code Review” and see what you find.  There are dozens of ads for the offer and almost everyone supporting the program.  Why do you think this is?  It's simply because they want a big chunk of that $3500 up front cost as a commission.  These people don't care about you. They never did.  

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Nick has been a computer/business analyst for 35 years. Moving into online marketing was a natural progression back in 1994, he has never looked back. What great time to be alive! When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!