FP Domination – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

If you are seriously into internet marketing then you will have either heard of Anthony Morrison, or you may have attended one or more of his webinars. In the old days, Morrison used to do live webinars. Sadly, today he has blueprinted the process and mostly runs pre-recorded webinars through an application called Webinar Jam.

In the interest of brevity, I want to make this review as short as can be, but still address the important points. I don't like making negative reviews. You won't find negative reviews much online since most people just review programs and apps that make money for them. I'm not in that space. I am here to genuinely help people to make money online, and at the same time provide completely honest evaluations of the opportunities people face.

I've been marketing online for 20 years. I have not made anywhere near the kind of money that Morrison claims to make. That said, I just don't feel that Anthony or his company is doing a service to our market by delivering his content in the way he does.

Be clear – I am not saying the Morrison method doesn't work. It does work. I run a version of it myself. My issue is with both his delivery and his price.

Everyone wants to make more money. My opinion is that by following the Morrison methods people could expose themselves to potential financial risks that are devastating to the average man or woman. I hear too many stories on the blogs and groups about people running their credit cards up to the max while trying to chase that holy grail of online profits!

In my local area, I teach many friends and associates how to make money online with proven practices that don't break the bank or charge the credit cards to the max! While Morrison appears to be a friendly guy who wants to help people, I have found him to be aggressive and ruthlessly egotistical. That is my opinion of course. You may have found different results. I found that if you ask the wrong question, you will be kicked off the webinar instantly. If you ask it privately, you will be banned from future webinars. Anthony is very sensitive to being challenged or questioned. If you read Anthony's history, you might see why he is so sensitive. He had to battle from nowhere to save the family farm – literally.

The reason for this review today, however, is because I attended a webinar through an email address that Anthony Morrison had not seen before. The webinar started at 11 am.. I was late and logged in at 12:08 pm.. One hour and 8 minutes into the webinar and Morrison was just getting to the meat of the presentation.

If this webinar was like any of the others that I have watched, then for nearly an hour, Anthony went on and on about himself and how great he is at marketing. I call it ‘preaching to the choir'. He spends way too much of my valuable time telling me why I should be there on the webinar, and way too much time asking for confirmation. It should be enough that I am on the webinar. Ok? I get it. I'm there to learn something – not to spend 68 minutes hearing why I should be there! I find his webinars to be such a waste of time.  I believe he would be much more successful by simply knocking the webinar down to 40 minutes and charging $497 for the concept blueprint.  Promises of tutoring and hand-holding are really not necessary. We have group participation for that.

Regarding his actual method: Yes, this method can, and does, work. But the price you pay to get there is not worth the trip. Statistically, nearly everyone will fail at his methods. The failure rate for this stuff is about 99.5%.

In this case, Anthony waited until the last three minutes of the webinar to tell us that he's saving us $1,000 and only charging $1997! In addition, only for the first 25 people that take the offer. Think about it folks. This is a digital offer! Scarcity tactics should be an insult to your intelligence!

Additionally, think about this a bit.  If Mr. Morrison is so successful doing what he claims to make him a fortune, then why bother with the program in this way?  I know people who legitimately make $4,000 a day online and you won't find them selling their secrets to others!

My advice for this particular program would be to simply avoid it. Take a deep breath and get the right information that you need to do things properly, more slowly and under considered review. There are plenty of good internet marketers out there that will share their tactics with you – and most of them won't cost more than $30!

That said, if you want to read the ebook Anthony produced on this program, then register for the webinar and download the pdf.  The registration is what we call a “Lead Magnet.” The document is well written and gives you a good view of what's needed to be successful at making money online.