Commission Hero Product Review

Commission Hero Review (Fail)

Commission Hero is a program put together by Robbie Blanchard. Rob is currently the #1 Affiliate for Clickbank.  You will find a large number of affiliates also selling access to Robbie’s course.  I’m not going to do a full hands-on review of this product.  There are many others out there who are reviewing the product, though every one of them supports the program, as far as I can see.

Where my Commission Hero review differs from all others is that I am not selling the program.  I have no skin in the game.  I take for granted that the program at least works to some degree of efficacy.  But I want to evaluate it purely on a “merit” basis.  The big questions that must be answered are this:  

“Is Commission Hero a program that can work?  And if so, is it suitable for all levels of technical ability?  Further, I would ask that if the program is viable, what are the potential pitfalls with this Commission Hero?”

Having been an affiliate marketer since before Clickbank even entered the scene, I can tell you that the methods Robbie Blanchard talk about are mostly true and effective.  Everything that Robbie says is true, to the best of my knowledge.  

If my review is going to be of any value for you, I have to act like your “broker” and give you the best full-spectrum analysis possible.  And that doesn’t mean I become a cheerleader for the product. I want to know where the possible failure points are.  Sadly, with Commission Hero, I would have to say that the downside far outweighs the potential upside benefits.   I’ll explain why.

Commission Hero

Every single aspect of the Commission Hero program is sound, with the one huge exception of its reliance upon Facebook!  Facebook is a notoriously hopeless company to have to deal with.  They will terminate or suspend your ad accounts for things you may never understand.  You will just wake up one day and find your ad account is suspended.  They offer an appeal link, but if you pour hours of work into your appeal, you’ll wait many days only to find out that they will write to you denying your appeal. They will never tell you what you did wrong.

Because of this, you will run through your 3 ad account allotment fairly quickly.  If you search online, you’ll find others complaining about this.  You will run out of Visas and cellphone numbers just trying to get around Facebook’s draconian operating policy.  Until the government finally moves on Facebook to break them up through anti-trust actions, we will just have to endure their abuse or find a better way.

Operational Analysis

The simple routine program operation goes like this:

  1. Find an affiliate offer (Clickbank, JVZoo, or other)
  2. Create an ad for the product, along with ad copy, and am OUTSTANDING graphic.  You’ll need to really understand what annoys Facebook so that your graphic doesn’t get you banned. You may use Fiverr or other services for this.
  3. Run your ad on Facebook with a hefty daily budget.
  4. Drive traffic to your landing page
  5. Capture emails so you can make your list
  6. Forward subscribers to your Thank-You page which will send them to the offer.
  7. Measure your performance.
  8. Rinse and repeat

In a perfect world, this would be nice. However, because of FACEBOOK, so much can go wrong! To get into the course, you are going to be asked to fork out $997 US.  You’ll need to fork out about $250 per week in advertising, and you’ll be pressured to buy a Clickfunnels account that handles your landing pages, funnels, and email lists.  A full Clickfunnels membership will run you $3,000 US.  This is why so many affiliates are selling Clickfunnels.  It pays a healthy commission.

The sales hype from Rob’s sales pitch is very compelling.  Who doesn’t want to escape the doldrums of a day job and having to work for a boss, or bosses, who are just morons?

Make no mistake.  The task of affiliate marketing can be very difficult.  You are going to be out of pocket about $5,000 before you know what’s happening and there is no guarantee that you’ll make a penny!  There has to be a better way!

The Good News

Relax and take it easy. There is a better way.  If you are willing to learn and do just a bit of work, then you can learn this stuff and become a guru yourself and it will only cost you a fraction of what they want for Commission Hero. In the coming weeks, we will put together a “Blue Collar Affiliate” program that will show you step by step how to get it done very inexpensively.


While we like Robbie Blanchard and his approach with Commission Hero, we don’t feel that the course is suitable for newbies or even moderately experienced marketers.  There is too much risk, given that Facebook is so pathetic in terms of client support. Further, the use of Clickfunnels is totally inappropriate for almost all new marketers.  It is way over the top and far too costly and complicated. Very few newbies will be able to pony up the necessary money to make this plan a success. Failure almost a guarantee.  

For these reasons, we suggest you avoid the Commission Hero Offer.

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