Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine – Dirty Laundry

Today I got an idea for a whole new category for posting. I'm calling it “the dirty laundry list”!  What exactly is the ‘dirty laundry list'?  

Well, if you are a marketer who appears to care only for your bottom line, and care less for your customers and potential customers, you are not good people.  But when you take it a step further and actually take on the language of a street thug, then you raise concerns for state of internet marketing. By behaving the way you do, you make the entire industry look bad.

The very first marketing duo to make this new list is Michael R. Thomas and Brett Rutecky.  Over the years, I've purchased several hundred dollars worth of apps and plugins that Brett created. Generally, he has some good stuff. So how did these two get on my DLL?

Yesterday I wrote to Mike Thomas to suggest that he consider another time slot for his webinars.  All of his webinars are at 7 am Pacific time.  I know that a lot of my peers in this business are busy with drop-shipping and dealing with China.  This means that we are often up and working at midnight and 1 am Pacific time.  I wrote a few paragraphs pleading my case for a later time slot. 

I expected that Mike might respond with something like, “I get your point, Nick, but we have many reasons that we need to use that time slot.  We do make replays and they would be available to you as always.”  That kind of response would have been reasonable.  But what did Mike write?

“no thanks”

That was the entire extent of his response.  I spent about $700 on their programs and apps over the past few years.  You'd think that would count for something!  “No Thanks” is what an asshole would write. So I copied the message to Brett but found his email responded with “This account is not monitored!”  I tracked him down through a support ticket.  

I expected Brett would be more reasonable than Mike. Imagine my surprise when I got this response from Brett:

Brett Rutecky

Brett demonstrates that he does not understand the line of communication.  It was not the short response that triggered me.  It was the lack of respect for a customer who's spent nearly $700 on their software! He could have politely explained that there were reasons that he needed to broadcast at that time slot. 

Hands Up?  Who's ever told their paying customers in writing to “piss off?”

The internet changes fast and will eventually wash this garbage out to sea.  In hindsight, I think Mike still has a day job and probably has to do this stuff either before or after work. What both he and Brett both appear to lack is any modicum of class, ethics, or morality.  It will be a cold day in hell before I buy anything these two clowns develop in the future.

Addendum: 17:37 hours March 8th

The Rutecky response to me trying to appeal to his sense of reason.  Note the header on the response!   “Support” LOL.  Sure sounds like support to me!

Rutecky bitchThese clowns really are a software developer partnership. Full disclosure, I did crank him up with my response to this support ticket.  Brett Rutecky needs to go back to casket making.

Addendum: 19:29 hours March 8th

I really wasn't expecting to hear from these guys again, but Rutecky can't control himself.  I'm learning a lot more about this dude than I care to know.  He sent me this in response to my last communication with him:

Brett Rutecky

Remember, this is a businessman who sells stuff to people! The level of hostility is way over the top.  He's on the other coast, so I don't think I'll need a restraining order!




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