AffiliXPro Review (DO NOT BUY!)

AffiliXPro Review (Do Not Buy)

By now you know that I purchase a lot of promising products to try them out and test for efficacy.  Every other product review site does reviews on products that they may or may not have tested, but in every case all they want to do is sell you that product.  My reviews are different.  I don't need their money and care less about the marketing aspect.  That is not to say that I won't take affiliate links for the good products. I certainly will.  But if I recommend them, then they are fit to be used by the general public.

My latest purchase was for “AffiliXPro”. 

AfiliXProI got the marketing email via an affiliate link from some other marketer who has me on his hit list.  Lucky guy!  Anyway, the product video looked great. It showed just how easy it is to grab affiliate links and to blast them out and really blow up your commissions.  I like the video and thought I would give it a try.

The product cost only $27 on the front end. While I have never liked facing upsells that they never tell you about, I was  not prepared for this one.  I think I had to hit the “No Thanks! I Want To Be a Loser And Make No Money” button about 12 times! This purchase was serious upsell hell!  But I finally got through and got the welcome email.  Right off the top the instructions were inaccurate. It took me about 20 minutes of research before I figured out where the training videos were.  I watched them all.

On the inside, the dashboard was well laid out.  I went through the features and was initially impressed.  I was able to get affiliate links for the top 64 Clickbank products in about ten minutes!  This feature alone would save me hours of work in the future.  But this burst of ecstasy was short lived.

I got to the section for connecting your social media accounts.  They had a long list of them set to go. Just needed to click on the button and follow the instructions.

I decided to connect Facebook first. That's where it all fell apart.  The Facebook API for this is being turned off April 28th, so the program offered another method.  They gave links and instructions to setting up a plugin called SNAP.  I'm not a newbie. I have 35 experience working with computers and code.  Trying to connect snap would be both costly and time consuming.

When I stand back and look at the cost of connecting just this first social media app, I get depressed.  AffiliXPro was clearly not the simply app it was advertised to be.  I decided that I could not afford the days of work it would take me to try to get this app running, so I asked for a refund.

I am so glad it did, but in asking for the refund, I exposed another terrible weakness in this company.  I explained very clearly in my refund request that the reason I am refunding is because the product is NOT AS ADVERTISED.   They responded the next day to my  ticket by saying:  “Did you follow the instructions in the page?”  So, clearly we have a language barrier here.  They don't understand English well enough to conduct business with North Americans.  This means that the company cannot be trusted.  Never again will I purchase a product from this developer – not matter what it is.

I give AffilXPro an Epic FAIL!

epic fail

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