Work At Home Opportunity With Facebook!

Almost half way through 2017 and one clear trend is emerging. FACEBOOK IS WINNING IT ALL!

Facebook created a different kind of social and inter-personal platform some years back. It provided us with a domain where we can project our own identities in a very impersonal manner.

We can create a social network around our own self-image and have friends or acquaintances watch us grow! Facebook is a graphical-centric projection of one’s true identity.

Facebook features things such as online games, chats, status updates, birthday reminders, LIKES, and comments. This all bring about a positive vibe and a feeling of belonging.  Because of this, Facebook has now reached nearly 1.7 Billion people on the planet!

Facebook allows you to follow and be followed, loved, and remembered by those you know. If you have specific interests or skills, facebook allows you to create “Fan Pages” to support those interests.

In short, you have what we can call a pseudo-social domain for interacting with friends and interesting people.

As Facebook matures and develops, it adds features that allow you to control and modify your Facebook environment to suit your personal tastes. The question today is not “who is on facebook” but rather “who is not on facebook?”

If you need to reach a specific market, then you can find that market and advertise to them for as little as $5 per day.

Consider this: If you are “one in a million”, then there are 1700 other facebook users exactly like you!